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you. what made swimmers sick at the naval academy. swimmers were getting ill right there on the swim deck. and what may becoming to us. this weather system could be a that is tee one. abc 2 news at 11:00 starts right now. now, abc 2 news at 11:00. >> and tomorrow is ash wednesday, the beginning of lent, so tonight we ask you what do you want your elected officials to give up for the next 40 days. but, first, here is the news. he was 17 years old, headed for greatness, maybe even the boxing ring and the olympics, who knows, he was that good. >> but early sunday morning ronald gibbs tried to defend his sister and ended up losing his own life. there has been an arrest in this case. >> the victim's father says he is happy with the quick work of
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the detectives. he has a different opinion of the first officers at the scene. >> reporter: 17-year-old ronald gibbs was a strong student at carver some tech, a champion boxer with the trophies and medals to back it up, he wrote poetry and had dreams of going to college to study fantasy football photography. >> to my son, the most i ever had to say to him was clean his room, all around good kid. >> reporter: he didn't want to appear on camera, his father. his coach did. >> when he comes here, he could get in shape, doing what you're supposed to do, he just wanted the best, you know, and to follow what the coaches wanted him to do. >> reporter: this is a video of his last fight back in january, that's him in the dark trunks. in and out of the ring they called him rock. tyra shia is one of the best female boxers in the country and a close friend. >> his family, every fight i had, i'm dedicating it to him. >> he was with their sister at
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their house when a man came the home and began arguing with her. ronald gibbs tried to defend his sister and was stabbed several times. he died at sinai hospital. >> i actually grabbed to hug him and he hugged, when i went to scoop him up to hug him, he actually hugged me back. >> reporter: but gibbs' father says he and others were prevented from helping by the first officers who arrived at the scene. >> the police officers who came from the northwestern police dehm and they acted like they didn't care about my son laying on the ground, like he was expendable. >> reporter: police arrested this man, 30-year-old terrence simms, he faces charges of first degree murder and assault, he is being held without bail at central booking. tonight a spokesman from the central booking said the first you the tow of officers is to protect the victim and then the scene. terrence simms has his first court appearance on april 5th. abc 2 news.
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tonight a man faces rape and sex charges after he said he assaulted a pair of young girls who disappeared over the weekend. julius winfrey is behind bars, $500,000 bail. the two victims a 12 and 13- year-old girl went missing on sunday. they were later reunited with their families. much of the northeastern u.s. is being drenched with heavy soaking rains causing some widespread flooding. >> it's coming our way. wyatt everhart with a look at how long it's going to take to clean out our gutters and make sure we have sump pumps for this. >> a possibility of 3" of rain in parts of the state, primarily just north and west of baltimore it appears, 7:00 tomorrow night through 7:00 thursday night. a 24-hour wet window. take a look at maryland's most powerful radar, we can see this giant area of low pressure continuing to develop. a large storm system centered just about over memphis, tennessee, right now. but the entire rain shield
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growing in size and headed east. and as we take a look at what the national weather service is looking at here, bottom line, majority of the state under a flood watch. basically, not including the eastern shore quite yet, but for all of western central maryland and right down into northern virginia flood concerns beginning tomorrow evening. right now temperatures are just chilly out there, we've got dry conditions overnight into the first part of tomorrow through noon, but by 4:00, 46 as a few showers begin to come down, the rain gets heavier and steadier after 8:00 tomorrow night. the toughest commute likely to be on thursday morning, standing water on the roads and all that, we'll talk much more about this rainmaker coming up. >> all right. around here we know swimming, katie phelps and hall. >> what we don't know is what made swimmers sick in annapolis. more of what happened in the naval academy. cheryl? >> reporter: 100 people are reporting symptoms of a virus,
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even family members of the athletes got sick. the maryland state swimming championship was held at the naval academy on saturday. first the swimmers became ill, then several volunteer coaches, and expect taketors, got sick. the anne arundel county health department inspected the area but found no source of contamination. in other words the pool water was within acceptable levels so health officials say it is possible someone came to the meet and, with the close proximity of the athletes, it spread quickly. now we're checking out the links here online. the state department of health took over the case yesterday and they are putting out information on norah virus, which causes nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, you can see there, and tiredness. over 800 people were at the weekend event. health officials want to hear from you. coaches received access to an online survey that families and participants are asked to fill ow. so if you log onto we have a link to all the information you need about the
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illness at the state swimming championships held at the naval academy. cheryl conner, abc 2 news. well, by the end of the year you may be able to fly to cuba out of bwi marshall. baltimore joins miami, new york and la. the obama administration says the rules remain when flying to cuba you still have to be on a religious, academic, or cultural mission. >> today the first lady will pay a visit to the home of the first family. katie o'malley will join the president and mrs. obama at the white house tomorrow for anti- -bullying conference. in addition to the president and first lady o'malley will be joined by kids and their parents to talk about bullying which has really become a major issue for her during her time as the state's first lady. >> dutch waived his arms to get people closer to the sand. today as a congressman he is waving protestors back. he wants to waive the west
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bureau baptist church back 300 feet, five hours before and after the funeral. this is all because of the streak's decision upholding free speech for westboro after a demonstration outside the westminster funeral for marine lance corporal matthew schneider. >> had these restrictions been in place during matthew schneider's funeral he could have been laid to rest peacefully and with the utmost reference he deserves. the people and signs would have been long gone before a funeral participant arrived and left for the service. >> ishis father al schneider thanked him saying if the courts will not step in to help military families we need all the help we can get from our elected officials. state law is telling you to put the cell phone down. it's gonna get tougher out there for all of us. it is already illegal to send a text message while driving but now state lawmakers want to make it illegal to read them
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too. they could pull you over, meaning it is a secondary offense, meaning they must have another reason first. >> when you look down for 2 seconds the chances of you having an accident go up tremendously. >> now both the house and the senate passed their own version of the bill. now it's up to both chambers to come to some sort of an agreement before it heads off to the governor. and tomorrow the debate over same-sex marriage once again takes the center stage at the state house. house leaders have told supporters that the senate version of the bill must be adopted or else the bill will fail this year, if approved maryland will become the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage. dining out with your doggy could really be an option soon. lawmakers were discussing the issue today in annapolis and businesses could benefit. one of the first expenses many people cut back on in a bad economy is eating out. many restaurant and bar owners want more options to attract business. for james king who owns rock
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fish and other restaurants not a day goes by somebody doesn't want to bring old recover with him. >> people want to go out and be outside and have their dogs with them. so it's a unique opportunity to give small businesses another tool if you will to bring some revenue. >> other big plus, supporters say, it would help tourism and the bill has the support of the state's health department and the maryland department of tourism. you have seen them speed down folly quarter or montgomery ward. now you have been warned. he lives out there by rochester elementary, traffic has doubled and this road always a second away from a serious accident. so he says it's time to start clicking. he is convinced the numbers show him at least two mobile speed cameras are needed. >> they have spent a considerable management of time, and i'll go through this, getting speed data from in front of every school in howard county to convince me that this bill will in fact keep our children safe, and make our
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neighborhood safer. >> he still needs the okay from the council but al man pledged every sting will dollar from the tickets will go right back into traffic safety. a special tribute to a fallen baltimore county volunteer firefighter. today the county council approved a pension benefit for mark falcon hand's family. he worked for the department for 16 years, he left to take a job with the secret service, he became a volunteer firefighter and gave up his pension. today the county made it possible for his widow and two young children to get about 30% of the average salary mark was being paid when he was still with the county. the 43-year-old was killed during an apartment fire in hill indale back in january. they have the mississippi and we have the susquehanna. >> and both have parties going on right now to mark mardy congratulations we have will take you to the happenings in grace. >> a nice deal, but somebody didn't think it all the way through. we'll explain. >> that may tampa bay strangest 911 call we have ever heard.
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it starts with someone in the shower and then someone walks in the front door. you got to hear this story when we come right back in 60 seconds.
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i just broke into a house and the owner came home. >> you broke into a house? >> yeah. >> yeah, you heard right. an intruder in oregon called 911 when the homeowner showed up. 24-year-old timothy ch ape k told the 911 operator he broke in and was taking a shower but he was afraid the homeowner might have a gun. he was arrested on suspicion of first down criminal trespass. all right. check out this massive sea of dead fish. look at this, this washed up in california. officials say it's more than a million czar deans, more than a foot deep in some spots. tests show no sign of problems in the water.
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they believe they were swept into harbor by waves or the current. they then used up all the oxygen in the area which experts believe led to a mass kill. >> eh. say aloha to the happiest state in the u.s. hawaii tops the list for over all well-being. can you fight that one? the survey asked residents of all 50 states to evaluate different aspects of their life lick physical and emotional health, happiness, your job, the overall health and safety in your community. maryland came in at number 12 and almost heaven, west virginia, finished last. how can that be. on paper it seems like a pretty fair trade. donate money to charity and get an extra day or two of vacation from work. so why are people in tennessee up in arms about this? well an investigation by a local tv station showed that hundreds of county workers have been given extra time off in exchange for united way donations. the cost of this extra time various res, some workers could get a maximum of three bonus
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days while others had the opportunity to buy a week of extra vacation. the problem, according to one county commissioner, is that taxpayers end up footing the bill for these bonus days. twice. once when the employees say their bonus day and again when someone has to work overtime to cover for it. >> when somebody is gone in the jail and somebody is gone from law enforcement or public safety you got to have somebody stand in and there's an additional cost to that over and above their regular pay. >> now opponents say the biggest problem is in the county's court, that's where the employees donate add total of $23,000 to the united way in exchange for days off. but the cost to taxpayers to pay those employees while they are off? $63,000. so what do you think? does getting bonus days from work defeat the purpose of giving to charity or are you going to suggest this idea. your office first thing tomorrow morning. join the discussion, abc
11:15 pm and it's mardi gras, so did the street smell like bourbon. just like the big easy the harbor of grace held a parade down it's bourbon or bourbon street. it ended up with parties in every bar and restaurant. it was a real nice turn out. >> why is it important to do it in half eye tee grace? >> i don't know? >> because we have a street, some say bourbon street. >> bourbon street. and we have a parade that comes down bourbon street on that tuesday. and that's why we celebrate it here. now this is the fourth year for the mardi gras celebration and this is the best one yet ever for half eye tee grace. there is no truth to the rumor this party will roll on through st. patrick's day but they tell me it will be close. just a year after that massive earthquake devastated haiti the answering filled the streets of the country's
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capital for their carnival celebration. last year's tragedy stopped the celebration last year. so many earthquake victims are still living in makeshift tents, but despite the problems facing haiti local officials thought it was important to carry on with the annual tradition. and the good times are rolling tonight in new orleans. mardi gras floats paraded through the streets all daycare reading characters, dancing and tossing beads to the crowd. this is just one of the many fat tuesday celebrations before the start of lent. >> downtown half eye tee grace. we decided to put a little different spin on the len ten tradition. we asked you what would you like to see your elected officials give up for 40 days. your responses have been phenomenal. could i read you a couple? here is darlene. their salaries. for the firefighters who may one day risk their lives to save one of them. p.j. writes i would say they should
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give up the idea that they are more important, somehow, than the people they suggest. sherrie suggests luxury living just for 40 days. from doughty, how about stop talking about what the other guy isn't doing and what you are going to do personally. personally i'm going to try giving up cars. many said you would like them to give up their paychecks, but carroll took a little step further, she said maybe if they'd start talking they'd start working. i'd like them to take a vow of silence. surprise surprise, you'd like them to give up spending for 40 days. thanks to everyone who participated. if you want to jump in you still have time. >> great comments. >> maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. all right. let's turn back the close clock a little bit today. talk about the afternoon, that was pretty nice out there at times, frederick we saw sunshine and some clearing towards sunset.
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beautiful sunset out there over the higher terrain near the hills of frederick county. manchester some nice clearing going on through the afternoon hours, really couldn't get much past 50 degrees today anywhere, baltimore today struggling to get up to 49, a nice looking evening out there now, but i'm telling you temperatures dropping off in in and a new storm rolling in for tomorrow. we'll talk about that in just a secretary. first take a look at current conditions, now at bwi winds east southeast at 7, barometer 3.53, holding steady but dropping in the next couple hours, next 24 hours will really see some change in weather. right now temperatures 38 at bwi, below freezing up in york, most spots in the mid-and upper 30s out there. most of us end up in the low 30s overnight. light easterly breeze, not a big deal there, what we're watching carefully are the radar pictures. maryland's top radar, crystal clear. we know take begins to change tomorrow around 4, 5:00.
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flood watch up in the national weather service. this from wednesday evening through thursday, includes just about all pennsylvania, all, just about all northern virginia, maryland we're talking the western 2/3, except for the lower eastern shore, because a lot of this rain is going to be concentrated just north and west of the baltimore area and certainly where you have higher terrain you're gonna have more run off. that can lead to flash flooding out in the hills. so overly 46 tomorrow with some early dry weather, then the rain comes in through the afternoon, mt. vernon about 47, eastern shore going to get a few hours of dry weather into the evening i think. once the rain comes in it will be heavy down this way too. centreville to trap. here it is for you right now. there's not much out there in the immediate area, this is just the extreme leading edge of a much much larger storm, about as big as we see them come in terms of rain-makers, rain storms. there's snow on the back edge of this thing, colder air wrapping in, iowa getting hit with heavier winter weather. we'll get the rain out of this thing. there is a lot of above-
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freezing air that will keep it in the form of rain but the bottom line is it's just probably going to be a little too much rain. high pressure at the surface keeps us dry tonight into the early part of tomorrow. let's talk a little bit about timing, you get your day in and even your evening commute at this point in time looks relatively dry around baltimore. as we go in the overnight hours this rain gets its act together, moisture feed all the way out of the gulf coast states, that's going to keep the rain coming, it probably will not push out of here in any significant way until after 6:00 thursday. so that thursday morning and even thursday midday rush hours really look a little rough on the road. here we go, a little closer to zoom here, again you see what happens, as we go to those overnight hours tomorrow night we get that steady rain train coming up out of the south there's going to be some very heavy downpours out there toward tomorrow, thursday, through the day, even into thursday evening before it finally all blows out of here. thankfully thursday night. overnight tonight we stay dry. 33 various blow cloudy,
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wednesday, 2-degree guarantee, 46, clouds increasing through the day. we might see a couple late day showers especially west of baltimore. as we go into tomorrow night, we get the rain around here, heavier, steadier tomorrow night, flood watch already up. rain is going to be around almost all day thursday although thursday evening we should begin to dry out from west to east across the state and as we go into friday we clear out quickly. so i mean, nice dry stretch after that may you're rainmaker, which we'll need. but the early indications are the possibility, especially just west of baltimore, 3" of rain before it's all done, a lot of rain. over 18 hours. but low-lying flooding possible. >> all right. get your wipers ready. >> thanks a lot wyatt. whether it's king, kate, or pos notches there are fat tuesday traditions all over. up next we'll take you to wisconsin for polka and then buke. ohio state is going to be
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without jim tressel for the first two games of the season, why the coach has been suspended and hit with a $250,000 fine.
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and here is your sports report. pay no attention to the score. this was good today for the orioles on a couple fronts, justin duchscherer made his debut and through two innings, he was encouraged. and cole hamels who was erratic early turned back to back walks in to runs brian matt isthough didn't fare so well. the orioles lose this one 4-3.
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trouble out there at ohio state. coach jim tressel and his trademark sweater vest will be missing. the university suspended him for the first two games of 2011 and find him $250,000, they play akron and toledo. it isn't like they play michigan and notre dame or penn state. trestle didn't tell the school about questionable activities by some players involving improper benefits in the sale of memorabilia. the ncaa though could still reject ohio state's decision and impose its own punishment. the former interpret josh wilson accepted the ed block courage tonight for teammate donti stallworth. he said he was a hard worker, on the and a locker room favorite. more local sports waiting for you now on >> so, ah, your seat good?
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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pole cas and pooch keys filled a wisconsin bakery. this one comes from poland. >> it's like a jelly donut. >> heavy man, heavy. >> yes. some come with filling, some don't. they bakery sold 42,000 in just two days. >> must be good. >> they are good. >> first one i tried a couple years ago, that thing was --
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fills you up for a while. >> with what? >> cement maybe, it was heavy duty. a lot of rain tomorrow night guys. but tonight, tomorrow morning, you're fine, lunchtime tomorrow cloudy, we'll look for more rain to come in, flood watch up tomorrow night through thursday. we'll be tracking it here all evening tomorrow. >> okay. so that's it. thanks for joining us, have a great night. >> good night. >> right.
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